Your pre-assessment visit:

You will see several members of our team at your pre-assessment appointment and may be asked a lot of similar questions: this is because we need to be absolutely sure we have the right information. To speed this up, please start thinking now about your medical history, including any previous operations you’ve had so we can record this accurately.

It is possible that you will be with us for up to four hours. This is because we work hard to get everything done in one visit so you don’t have to come back before your surgery.

In line with NHS guidelines, we have 18 weeks from referral to treatment to treat you, so please when you arrive at your pre-assessment appointment let a member of our team know at the earliest convenience if you have any holidays you cannot cancel as this may affect your pre-assessment and then your surgery date.

Who will I see at my pre-assessment visit?


If you haven’t had an X-ray recently it is possible you may need one ahead of your appointment with the consultant. If you have had x-rays recently, your consultant may require a different view to the x-rays you have already had. Download our guide to x-rays.

Consultant surgeon assessment

Your consultant will examine you and discuss the results of any x-rays or other tests you may have recently had, sometimes you may require further imaging such as MRI, Ultrasound, CT or bone scans. If you require surgery they will explain the benefits and any possible risks to you. If you are happy to go ahead with surgery you’ll be asked to sign a consent form.

Pre-operative assessment

Once you have consented for surgery you will see a healthcare assistant who make sure you are fit enough for surgery. They will take some important health information including your height, weight, blood pressure, blood tests and take MRSA swabs. They will  ask you questions about your general health and medical history, any previous operations and any medication you are currently taking. You will need to tell them about any upcoming holidays so we can make sure your tests will still be valid at the time of your surgery.

Anaesthetic assessment

If your surgery requires anaesthetic you will need to see an anaesthetic nurse. They will go through your test results and do some additional health checks. At this point you will be asked more detailed questions about your medical and surgical history. The nurse will explain your medical routine as well as eating and drinking instructions prior to surgery. Some patients with more complex needs will also be seen by the anaesthetist.

Rehabilitation team assessment

The rehabilitation team will ensure you’ll be safe and supported in your home environment after surgery. This may involve taking some equipment home today that you will need after your surgery.


Our reception team will confirm that you have completed your pre-assessment and have seen everyone you need to see. They will also confirm any holidays that you may have planned and explain to you about funding from your local Clinical Commissioning group (CCG). Please be aware that we may have to request funding from your CCG to carry out your surgery, this is normal and happens at all hospitals.

After your pre-assessment visit

Once you have left your pre-assessment you will be placed on the list for surgery. Whilst we strive for continuity of care, some patients wish to have the quickest available appointment which may result in a change of consultant. It is your choice as a patient, please let our reception team know your preference before you leave clinic. Please also let us know if you are willing to accept a cancellation date for surgery.

You will receive a letter or telephone call confirming your surgery date.

Around 48 hours prior to your admission into Practice Plus Group Hospital, Barlborough, for your surgery you will receive a pre-operative telephone call. One of our trained colleagues will make sure you are still fit and eligible for your up-coming surgery and ask if you have been unwell, have recently been in hospital or have started any new medication, if you have any cuts, scratches, bites, fungal nail infections, or if you have been experiencing any diarrhoea or vomiting. Your GP will not inform us of any changes and cannot advise you whether your surgery will go ahead.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your surgery, please tell us as soon as possible so we have time to find another patient to fill your surgery appointment.